Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer

Help the Toronto Product Management Association (TPMA) achieve our vision and mission, serving Product Management community in the GTA.

The TPMA is looking for individuals to contribute their expertise. Volunteer for a specific project, program, function or on an ongoing basis, and in the process accelerate your networking efforts. Whether you're new to the organization, an existing or returning member, or just hearing about the TPMA for the first time, volunteering a few hours of month can have a big impact. 

A list of open positions and projects coming soon. Until then complete the Volunteer Form below and we'll be in touch. Feel free to include your ideas on how you would like to help.  

Why Volunteer with the TPMA? 

  • Active networking and interfacing with senior product professionals in the GTA
  • Broaden your skills and experience 
  • Apply product management principles in a different setting
  • Provide and benefit from mentorship from product professionals with diverse backgrounds and experience

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