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Alan Armstrong: 1971-2019

Alan was an instrumental founder and vibrant member of the Toronto Product Management Association. Lee Garrison hired Alan back in 1999 at KL Group/Sitraka and it was Alan's enthusiasm and initiative that gave birth to the TPMA in 2001 (along with Prasing Ga and Paul Chen). Over 15 years ago you would have found him as well as a few other “very green” PMs sitting in Sitraka's basement discussing PM issues. Keith Fraser, one of the original members of the TPMA remarked "There was only around 6 of us who decided to meet monthly to talk about the role (and challenges) of being a PM in the Toronto area. It was the start of something that has now grown into what the TMPA is today."

Alan has done a great amount for the organization that he helped found. He had the vision to see back then the need for such an organization and helped make the TPMA into one of the leading PM organizations in North America today.

Alan is survived by his three children (Siena, Thea and Liam) and by their mother and his friend Marlys Neufeldt, by his parents Rosemary and Bill Armstrong, brothers of Rob (Becky) and Scott (Jennifer), and several nieces, nephews, and cousins.

He was a frequent participant and speaker of the TPMA and will be greatly missed.

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