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At this time, only cash or cheque is accepted at the event. Receipts will be issued.

A light meal is served at all events.

Upcoming Events

    • 24 Apr 2019
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Connected, 370 King Street West, Suite 304, Toronto, M5V 1J9

    If you are a Product Executive (Director, VP, CPO, Head of Product), join us for this peer-to-peer event for an inspiring "lightning" talk, networking and roundtable discussion with your fellow Product Leaders.

    Jonathan Savage, VP Product at Connected will kick things off with a short talk on Jobs to be Done: a mental model for innovation. He'll be defining the JTBD theory and how it can be used to understand demand.

    Then we'll have a facilitated roundtable discussion about some of the organizational challenges you and your peers a facing.

    Sign-In and Breakfast: 7:30am

    Presentation and Discussion: 8:00am

    Wrap Up and Networking: 9:00am

    About the Speaker:

    Jonathan joined Connected from theScore, a global sports app with over 9 million users, where he led the product, engineering, and design teams for over 10 years. Jonathan’s mission at Connected is to work collaboratively with clients in order to deliver true product impact and foster an understanding of how to build better. 

    • 30 Apr 2019
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Pivotal, 1 Toronto Street, 11th Floor, Toronto, ON M5C2V6

    Alan Armstrong, Eigenworks CEO, will introduce a new power tool for understanding your buyers and their decisions. Alan and his team are developing a way to code and theme qualitative research to unlock hidden insights -- learn more in this interactive presentation.

    In an age of overwhelming data, Alan believes in the importance of story. He has spent the last decade studying buyer decision-making and is dedicated to getting the unvarnished truth about sales wins and losses as well as customer retention and churn. Alan is now introducing a new model that will help product companies get a handle on their buyers’ stories as a way to improve competitive differentiation.

    Registration starts at 6, event starts at 6:30

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