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    • 26 Mar 2019
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Metro Hall, Room 310, 55 John St, Toronto
    • 29

    Organizations that adopt UX practices and agile at scale benefit from breaking down functional silos and pooling the talent from each function into teams.

    Join us on March 26th to learn more about specific and actionable lessons learned by software product leaders from Public and Private sectors while using UX and Agile development practices to deliver digital products and services.

    How do larger agile product organizations align, collaborate and coordinate efforts? Would scaling up agile improve corporate performance as much as agile methods improve individual team performance? How do these challenges shape the role of the product manager?  

    During this presentation, Ninon Laforce and Christopher Barrow will share their insights and experiences on how to reliably deliver software products when multiple, cross-domain teams are working together towards the same objective in an Agile environment.

    What will you do differently with what you learn at this meeting?

    Ninon Laforce is an experienced product leader who has managed many products and services from idea to launch. They include telecom services, digital health services, data/analytics applications and large enterprise networking applications. Initially, her development teams used waterfall. Then, over the past 5 years, she has worked closely with development teams who used Agile Scrum and Kanban. Her first experience with Agile was at a small SaaS company called Terapeak (acquired by eBay) and then at BlueCat Networks where she led a team of 7 product owners working with 8 Agile teams. Ninon recently accepted a Senior Product role at Staples Canada where she is supporting teams through an Agile transformation.

    Christopher Barrow is the Manager of the Innovation Lab for the Digital Garage. The Digital Garage is a technology and innovation hub supported by the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario Public Service. Their vision is to foster the practice of innovation and exploration of technology to drive the digital service transformation agenda in the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Labour. Chris is responsible for promoting an environment where balanced teams of product managers, UX designers and developers can ideate, research, test and deliver interesting and complex business problems utilizing UX and Agile methodologies. Recent engagements have included focusing on reducing collisions on provincial highways, the use of augmented reality to compliment reviews of 3D ship designs, and the utilization of artificial intelligence to classify vehicles using real-time traffic video data. Christopher is a certified Usability Analyst (CUA) since 2013 and a User Experience Analyst (CXA) since 2018. He has previously held government managerial positions in solutions delivery and human-centred design.

    Registration begins at 6, session begins at 6:30.

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